Look Beyond the 3 Bed/2Bath | Find a Community You'll Love Living In

January 22, 2015
Contributed by Dan Burdi
Licensed North Carolina Realtor®

I came across an article the other day from Jeff Martel, a contributor for Inman News, a real estate industry news source. Martel talks about the importance of selling a community and neighborhood to those looking to move to an area. This has been my feeling for a long time as well. With the extensive databases of information we have as Realtors® and the ability that home buyers have to search for properties on their own, it has become the norm to generate a list of a dozen homes fitting a particular criteria. On the other hand, it is still a challenge to get a good sense of neighborhoods and communities without visiting an area or doing considerable research.

During my time as a Realtor® I’ve made an effort to look beyond just the specs of a home and instead point out the various amenities (or lack of) a community might have. Restaurants, bars, shopping, parks and other entertainment are things that everyone is looking for when buying a home in a new area. It’s important that time is spent helping buyers understand the importance of moving to a community they can see themselves enjoying their lives; beyond just the three bedroom and two bath box they’ll be investing in.

It goes without question that an agent needs to be familiar with and focused on the specifications of the homes they’ll show their buyers but it certainly goes very far to be able to highlight the amenities of the neighborhoods. Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to show some homes to a client looking to move to Charlotte from Chicago. In typical Charlotte fashion, the weather was fantastic! With great weather on our side I used it as an opportunity to visit Freedom Park in Dilworth while killing some time between showings. Taking the time to walk around the park can be a great break from house after house of information and a great way to decompress and consider what options are on the table.

From the article I referenced, Jeff Martel says…

But how do you sell community? It starts by taking a step back and selling lifestyle. Ask yourself how moving to this town will fundamentally change the buyer’s lifestyle. The town’s amenities, events, cultural offerings, food, shopping and recreational opportunities are all factors that weave together to form a community’s unique personality. Jeff Martel, Inman.com

I’ve personally always been someone more interested in the neighborhood I was moving to and the things I’d be filling my time with. Many people that I meet first moving to Charlotte tell me that they wish there was a way of knowing what each neighborhood was all about. This past summer I decided to see what could be done to feature some of the cool things going on in some of Charlotte’s neighborhoods. The result was teaming up with some other folks here in Charlotte to  launch CrownTownLiving.com, a lifestyle blog exploring Charlotte’s neighborhoods, people and culture. Be sure to check out the blog and follow it on Twitter (@CrownTownLiving) whether you’re already living in the Charlotte area or are looking to move here sometime in the future.

As for me, I’ll be sure to take a step back when out showing homes and sell lifestyle every chance I get here in Charlotte.